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School's Elementary program is designed to help your child develop a love of learning.
Students in Scholar Unified - 5th Grade experience small class sizes with lots of individual attention. Our Elementary School faculty have years of experience teaching a core elementary curriculum while adding fun, hands-on activities, field trips, and using the latest Smartboard technology. Elementary students are encouraged to learn how to work and play together in a safe, fun, and nurturing atmosphere. The School curriculum also includes Music, Art, Technology, Library, Science Enrichment, and Physical Education. Students grow in their knowledge through daily prayer and devotions, learning Religious stories and Scripture, character-building programs.
Literacy and Enrichment
Beginning this school year, the elementary school will have a Literacy and Enrichment Room which will support, extend and enrich learning for students. Students will be given assessments to determine their level in reading and mathematics. Students not meeting grade level benchmarks will meet with the Literacy and Enrichment Specialist

Scholar Unified provides high-quality, creative and rigorous instruction to serve the needs of every student in our diverse population. Scholar students will graduate with the social, academic, technical, and performing and literacy skills required for school and the 21st Century workplace, prepared to contribute responsibly and productively as citizens of their community.

Scholar Unified School-wide Learner Outcomes
Scholars from Scholar Unified will become globally competent students--able to use 21st Century competency in order to:
1. Demonstrate inquiry-based skills such as critical thinking, reading and writing.
2. Communicate orally and in writing in a variety of forms and contexts, using appropriate academic vocabulary.
3. Collaborate in groups, teams, and classrooms to produce an outcome, or product.
4. Demonstrate creative efforts that allow diverse perspectives and incorporate feedback from peers and teachers.
5. Respect themselves and others by actively participating in their class, school and community